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;; Copyright (c) 2009 Derick Eddington. All rights reserved.
;; Licensed under an MIT-style license. My license is in the file
;; named LICENSE from the original collection this file is distributed
;; with. If this file is redistributed with some other collection, my
;; license must also be included.
(library (surfage s19 time)
time make-time time? time-type time-nanosecond time-second
date make-date date? date-nanosecond date-second date-minute
date-hour date-day date-month date-year date-zone-offset
time-tai time-utc time-monotonic
#|time-thread time-process|# time-duration
read-leap-second-table copy-time current-time
time-resolution time=? time>? time<? time>=? time<=?
time-difference time-difference! add-duration
add-duration! subtract-duration subtract-duration!
time-tai->time-utc time-tai->time-utc! time-utc->time-tai
time-utc->time-tai! time-monotonic->time-utc
time-monotonic->time-utc! time-monotonic->time-tai
time-monotonic->time-tai! time-utc->time-monotonic
time-utc->time-monotonic! time-tai->time-monotonic
time-tai->time-monotonic! time-tai->date time-utc->date
time-monotonic->date date->time-utc date->time-tai
date->time-monotonic leap-year? date-year-day
date-week-day date-week-number current-date
date->julian-day date->modified-julian-day
time-utc->julian-day time-utc->modified-julian-day
time-tai->julian-day time-tai->modified-julian-day
time-monotonic->modified-julian-day julian-day->time-utc
julian-day->time-tai julian-day->time-monotonic
julian-day->date modified-julian-day->date
modified-julian-day->time-monotonic current-julian-day
current-modified-julian-day date->string string->date)
(rnrs r5rs)
(rnrs mutable-strings)
(surfage s19 time compat)
(surfage s6 basic-string-ports)
(surfage private include))
(define read-line
(get-line (current-input-port))]
(get-line port)]))
(define eof (eof-object))
(include/resolve ("surfage" "s19") "srfi-19.scm")
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