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;; Copyright (c) 2009 Derick Eddington. All rights reserved.
;; Licensed under an MIT-style license. My license is in the file
;; named LICENSE from the original collection this file is distributed
;; with. If this file is redistributed with some other collection, my
;; license must also be included.
(library (surfage s38 with-shared-structure)
(rename (write-with-shared-structure write/ss))
(rename (read-with-shared-structure read/ss)))
(only (chezscheme) print-graph parameterize))
(define write-with-shared-structure
(write-with-shared-structure obj (current-output-port))]
[(obj port)
(parameterize ([print-graph #t])
(write obj port))]
[(obj port optarg)
(assertion-violation 'write-with-shared-structure
"this implementation does not support optarg")]))
(define read-with-shared-structure read)