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;; Copyright (c) 2009 Derick Eddington. All rights reserved. Licensed under an
;; MIT-style license. My license is in the file named LICENSE from the original
;; collection this file is distributed with. If this file is redistributed with
;; some other collection, my license must also be included.
(surfage s25 multi-dimensional-arrays)
(surfage s25 multi-dimensional-arrays arlib)
(surfage s78 lightweight-testing)
(srfi private include))
(define-syntax past (syntax-rules () ((_ . r) (begin))))
(let-syntax ((or
(syntax-rules (error)
((_ expr (error msg))
(check expr => #T))
((_ . r) (or . r)))))
(include/resolve ("srfi" "%3a25") "list.scm"))