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[Print a literal string](x86-64/blob/master/
-[Print a literal integer](
+[Print a literal integer](x86-64/blob/master/
-[Print a literal floating point number](
+[Print a literal floating point number](x86-64/blob/master/
-[Add two doubles](
+[Add two doubles](x86-64/blob/master/
-[Call the strcat C Function](
+[Call the strcat C Function](x86-64/blob/master/
-[Call the sincos C Function](
+[Call the sincos C Function](x86-64/blob/master/
-[Calculate the Julian Day](
+[Calculate the Julian Day](x86-64/blob/master/
-[Utility Macros](
+[Utility Macros](x86-64/blob/master/

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