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detox is a program that renames files to make them easier to work with under Unix and related operating systems. Spaces and various other unsafe characters (such as "$") get replaced with "_". ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) characters can be transliterated to ASCII, as can UTF-8 characters. More details are contained in the detox.1 man page.

Notice for Package Maintainers

Version 2 adds a new dependency for package builds: pkg-config or pkgconf.

You may also need to add a dependency on libtool. Please let me know if you do, by creating an issue. I'll update the docs accordingly.

Also, the default config file and translation tables are no longer prefixed with .sample.

Please open an issue for any build problems encountered. Thanks!

Notice for Everyone

I have renamed the master branch to main. If you have a copy of detox checked out, you can update your code to point at the new branch using these steps. Alternatively, you can clone a fresh copy of the repo.

Runtime Notes

The most important option to learn is -n, aka --dry-run. This will let you run detox without actually changing any files, so that you can get an idea of what detox is all about.

The simplest way to run detox is to just run it on a directory containing files that need work:

detox xfer_files/

You can also just to specify the filename:

detox my\ bad\ file.txt

You can also specify recursion (this works best on directories):

detox -r /music/transferred_from_elsewhere/

Building Detox

Many distributions include a copy of detox with their packages. If you wish to build it from scratch, you'll need the following tools:

  • autoconf
  • automake
  • bison / yacc / byacc
  • flex / lex
  • gcc / clang
  • make
  • pkg-config / pkgconf


To install the needed packages on Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, and other Debian derivatives, run:

sudo apt install autoconf automake bison flex gcc make pkg-config

To install the needed packages on FreeBSD, run:

sudo pkg install autoconf automake gcc pkgconf wget

On NetBSD, run:

sudo pkgin install autoconf automake mozilla-rootcerts pkgconf wget
sudo mozilla-rootcerts install

On MSYS2, run:

pacman -S --needed base-devel gcc git mingw-w64-x86_64-toolchain

Install Stable from GitHub Package

To build a stable copy of detox, run:

tar xzvf detox-1.4.5.tar.gz
cd detox-1.4.5
make install

If that fails during the configure or make steps, run:

autoreconf --install
make install

Install Stable from Repository

To build a stable copy of detox from source, install the package git, then run:

git clone -b 1.x
cd detox
autoreconf --install
make install

Install Development from Repository

To build a development copy of detox from source, install the package git, then run:

git clone -b main
cd detox
autoreconf --install
make install


To remove a copy of detox that was installed via these methods, from the same directory that you ran make install, run:

make uninstall


For support, to report a defect, or to request a new feature, please use the GitHub Issues system.