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Deep Audio-Visual Embedding network (DAVEnet) implementation in PyTorch
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DAVEnet Pytorch

Implementation in Pytorch of the DAVEnet (Deep Audio-Visual Embedding network) model, as described in

David Harwath, Adrià Recasens, Dídac Surís, Galen Chuang, Antonio Torralba, and James Glass, "Jointly Discovering Visual Objects and Spoken Words from Raw Sensory Input," ECCV 2018


  • pytorch
  • torchvision
  • librosa


You will need the PlacesAudio400k spoken caption corpus in addition to the Places205 image dataset:

Please follow the instructions provided in the PlacesAudio400k download package with respect to how to configure and specify the dataset .json files.

Model Training

python train.json --data-val val.json

Where train.json and val.json are included in the PlacesAudio400k dataset.

See the script for more training options.

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