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jQuery plugin to retrieve youtube channel videos and display thumbnails

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jQuery plugin to retrieve and parse the feed for a youtube user's channel, displaying a list of thumbnails with title and number of views which link to the video itself


    // username -or- query: required, username takes precedence over query
    username: "default" | query: "default",
    // channel name: only needed if getting videos from a channel
    // (channel will replace the username in the plugin header and link is changed from /user/<username> to /channel/<username>)
    channel: "My Channel",
    // startIndex: optional, must be >=1
    startIndex: 1,
    // maxResults: optional, defaults to 50
    maxResults: 10,
    // orderBy: optional, defaults to "published"
    orderBy: "relevance"|"published"|"viewCount"|"rating"
    // callback: optional function to execute when plugin is finished loading the videos
    callback: function(api) { ... }

 *  Details on the api object exposed to the callback function
api.failed;         // set to true if no videos are loaded, otherwise false
api.videoCount;     // number of videos actually loaded
api.videos;         // array containing the loaded video objects
                        //  id:         the video's id (<id>)
                        //  link:       url of video on youtube's site
                        //  title:      video's title
                        //  thumb:      url of video's thumbnail
                        //  duration:   duration of video (in seconds)
                        //  views:      number of views
                        //  htmlId:     id of the html element within the plugin
api.loadMore(num);  // function to load <num> more videos
                    // (callback is executed again when loadMore finishes)

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