Demo of a webapp with flawed security, for training purposes
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This project aims at demonstrating various security vulnerabilities such as the ones listed in the OWASP Top10.


This project requires Maven 3 Maven requires Java Development Kit.

  1. Extract, configure and install Maven on your machine, in an appropriate location: (
  2. Extract and install Java Development Kit on your machine, in an appropriate location e.g. c:\Program Files (x86)\Java\ on Windows, /System/Library/Java/ on Mac OSX, /usr/java/ on Linux
  3. Configure the JAVA_HOME environment variable and path on your machine. Instructions here: WINDOWS MAC LINUX
  4. You may need to also configure the Path variable:
  5. Download the TicketMagpie-master project to your local machine and install to an appropriate location e.g C:\Users[username]\ticketmagpie (on Windows) Make sure to rename ticketmagpie-master to ticketmagpie

Running the project

Once you have configured and installed Maven and Java Development Kit and TicketMagpie, you can start the application by running this command from the root folder of the project:

mvn spring-boot:run

The application will then be available at [http://localhost:8080].

Running the project in Docker

The application is published on the docker hub. You can run it like this, with the in-memory database:

docker run -e "SPRING_PROFILES_ACTIVE=hsqldb" -p8080:8080 "dhatanian/ticketmagpie"

The application will then be available at [http://localhost:8080].

Database configuration

By default, the application expects a MySQL database to be available on localhost, default port 3306. The application will use the user root to connect to a database called ticketmagpie.

You can pass custom database configuration as follows:

mvn spring-boot:run -Dspring.datasource.url=jdbc:mysql://MYSQL_SERVER:PORT/DB_NAME -Dspring.datasource.username=USER -Dspring.datasource.password=PASSWORD

If you do not have a database server, you can run the application with an HSQLDB in-memory database:

mvn spring-boot:run