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This is a base project which uses Cordova 1.7 along with Childbrowser.

Process to run childbrowser plugin in Cordova:

  • Create new project with Cordova based application template
  • Run the application first time and add the generated /www folder in project from Files --> Add file to
  • Run it again and make sure it triggers the deviceready event and shows the alert that Cordova is running
  • Now copy all the childbrowser files in the project folder and add them from Files --> Add file to menu
  • Add the ChildBrowser.js file in the /www folder
  • Go to Supporting Files folder of your project and open Cordova.plist
  • Add new entry in Plugins for ChildBrowserCommand (Key = ChildBrowserCommand, Value = ChildBrowserCommand)
  • Add new entry in ExternalHosts for * (Key = Item 0, Value = 0). * will allow any host to be reachable from the application which you can customize to your need once the plugin starts running.
  • Add the ChildBrowser.js file in your index.html and add following code to test the plugin
<script type="text/javascript">
function openGoogle(){
	var root = this;
	cb = window.plugins.childBrowser;
	if(cb != null) {
       alert("childbrowser is null");
<button> onclick="openGoogle">Open Google</button>

This process will create a basic application in which browser is running. Once it is running properly you can customize it your requirements.


Following change in the ChildBrowser.js triggers events properly.

if (cordovaRef && cordovaRef.addConstructor) {
	 // Make the ChildBrowser global
	 window.ChildBrowser = ChildBrowser;
} else {
	 console.log("ChildBrowser Cordova Plugin could not be installed.");
	 return null;