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Class Central

Class Central was built using


SlashPixel Theme

The Class Central theme, SlashPixel built on Twitter Bootstrap 2 by Abhishek Gupta is availaible for free for anyone to use. It can be found here


The extras folder in the repository contains the complete dump of the database as well as the schema. Everything you see on the site can be found in the dump.


The instructions below will you get a copy of Class Central running on your local machine.


You need to have a Apache/MySQL/Php environment setup. Easiest way to do that is use XAMPP.


  1. Clone the repository into the www folder. A folder named class-central should be created.
  2. Import the extras/cc_db.sql file into a MySQL database.
  3. Inside app/config rename parameters.template.ini to pararameters.ini
  4. Set the following config variables in parameters.ini: database_name, database_user, database_password
  5. Download vendors from the command line by executing the following command: php bin/vendors install
  6. Visit http://localhost/class-central/web/app_dev.php/ to view the dev version of class-central homepage. Replace app_dev.php with app.php to see the production version.
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