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Blackjack using Backbone and Bootstrap
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Not "bee bee blackjack" but "buh-buh-blackjack"...

It's Blackjack using Backbone.js and Bootstrap, along with other neat tools I mention at the bottom. Hope you enjoy playing it!

To Play

Open blackjack.html

(Your credits are saved between plays in localStorage)

To Run Tests (jasmine)

Open SpecRunner.html


I had a lot of fun writing this. Picked up some nifty tools for the first time and enjoyed fiddling with the UI to make it more playable. I also learned that I didn't know much about the actual rules of Blackjack before besides trying not to go over 21. Now I want to try my luck in Vegas. :)

Future things

  • Sounds
  • Shuffle animation
  • High scores/averages/crazy stats
  • Have the chips accumulate on the table over time (assuming you're up and not down). I think this would feel more gratifying and more real-world like.


Backbone.js - My first backbone project from scratch. Fun.

Bootstrap, from Twitter - For fluidity and generally making life easier. First time using it, definitely a fan.

underscore.js - My first time really diving into underscore, pretty handy esp with Backbone collections.

Jasmine - Still my favorite JS test framework out there.

jQuery - Yeah

icanhaz.js - Simple templating

Subtle Patterns - For the table and bg images.

selfthinker - For inspiration on the CSS playing cards.

proz0r - For inspiration on the CSS betting chips

Paypal - I hope someone buys more credits... also, I wanted to use Square but there's no online payment API (yet)

Apple - For being awesome (and producing my trusty dusty MacBook)

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