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This fork

Modifies the CSS to allow maps to flow left-to-right instead of down in columns and darkens the UI colors to be more neutral. This is ideal for a smaller screen where you want to sync the same view on a map at different zoom levels.

Original project

It's a previewer! Clone it, open index.html, and type a project name and click 'start'.

Columns are filled with maps. Each column of maps share the same centerpoint, but each map in the column can have a different zoom level.

It's useful for complex map design, where you're making sure that z0, z3, z5, or any other bunch of zoom levels all look good with a worldwide style - you can have a column for Berlin, one for New York, etc.

Also, it's hooked up to TileMill's changes feed, so when you save the map style in TileMill, it'll update all of your maps in lots.

It's inspired by Mike Migurski's make scripts that generate images on static HTML. This version has interactive maps with Modest Maps.