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The Open Syllabus Project seeks to promote institutional cooperation in the task of gathering and analyzing a significant corpus of syllabi. Our principles are as follows:

We believe in openness and transparency while respecting the intellectual property rights of all constituents. We create and make publicly available a rich dataset of metadata, while protecting the original documents in a secure “research sandbox” environment.

We believe in data-driven innovation. A critical mass of documents can foster new tools, drive policy change, enable best-practices, provide metrics, and aid in search, discovery, and the creation of new course materials.

We invite participating scholars and institutions to collaborate and benefit from the project’s research, platform- and tool-development experiments. Our team includes the nation’s leading librarians and legal scholars who are committed to an ongoing dialog about knowledge sharing, preservation, and accessibility.

Email: share [at] opensyllabusproject [dot] org

Twitter: @opensyllabus

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