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Visit Fat Hen on


Fat Hen is a project by Davis Crain as his final project for The Iron Yard Backend Engineering class in Greenville, SC.

You can learn more about Davis at

Feature Set:

Non Logged in users can

  • Search for farmers market
  • See what vendors are at each farmers market
  • See the 7 day forecast for farmers markets locations
  • Read reviews and status updates
  • Contact me to claim listings or for any reason.

Logged In users can (all the above plus….)

  • Review a farmers market - Comment and rate 1 to 5
  • Review a vendor - comment and rate 1 to 5
  • Favorite a farmers market
  • Favorite a vendor
  • Add vendors and farmers markets
  • Profile page with:
    • List of favorite farmers markets
    • List of favorite vendors
    • Culminated status statuses of vendors and farmers markets, chronologically.

Farmers Market Owners can:

  • Update status with picture
  • Claim if they will have the market this week
  • Update information
  • Update pictures
  • Add vendors

Vendor Owners can:

  • Update status with picture
  • Claim if they will be present at the market
  • Update information
  • Update pictures
  • All farmers markets in South Carolina from [South Carolina Dept. of Agriculture](South Carolina Dept. of Agriculture)
  • Vendors at TD Saturday Market & Travelers Rest Farmers Market from their websites.

Technology Used:

  • Django 1.9.7
  • Python 3.5.1
  • Django REST API framework 3.4.1
  • Heroku
  • PostgreSQL
  • AWS S3 - Static assets and media uploads
  • Django-review for the reviews and averaging of scores. (I would not use this next time, it can make it challenging to work with the data.)
  • API - for 7 day forecast at farmers market locations
  • Google Maps API embed
  • Foundation CSS framework
  • FontAwesome

Long Term Wish List:

  • Mobile! responsive web site and/or App
  • Weekly email of status updates to users of favorites
  • Link to social media for vendors to be able to dual post
  • Send a text to vendors to check in for the week
  • Search for a farmers market by Zip code radius
  • Display all farmers markets on a map
  • Expand to other states, NC first
  • OAuth - Sign in with Google, Facebook, and Twitter


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