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My rock stations playlist

Here you can find a m3u playlist that includes some of the stations I listen to currently.
This playlist intended to be used with IPTVSimple PVR addon for XBMC but probably will work with any player that support m3u playlists.
I also included links to the stations' homepages in the m3u.

Some of the stations may be restricted to a North American ip, so a vpn or dns service (like unblockus) will be needed.

As my preferences always changes this playlist isn't constant,
I would greatly appreciate any suggestion and recommendation on rock stations, just open an issue.

All the rights on the logos belongs to their creators and the stations,
I've not created these images, they're only included here for the benefit of the users and not for misuse and by all means falls under "Fair use".
if you're the rightfull owner of one these logos and would like it to be removed you're welcome to open an issue on this matter.


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