Tracking XP, levels and ranks in Path of Exile ladders, using ASP.NET core, SignalR core and React.
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A simple app for tracking the ranks of friends and such in Path of Exile.

The basic idea is:

  • A web interface, where clients connect and get data over SignalR core, written using Typescript and React.
  • An ASP.NET core app, running a SignalR core hub.
  • A small fetcher application that stores any new data and submits it to the hub.

The application uses SignalR core, and therefore requires ASP.NET core 2.1+.

How to run it

  • Download the source code, either through git or as a zip/tarball.
  • Make sure you have a postgres running, with a poetracker database and user.
  • Migrate the tables and such from the Core directory: $ dotnet ef database update
  • Install frontend dependencies and build the bundles (required NodeJS), from the Web directory: $ npm i && npm start
  • Run the ASP.NET application from the Web directory: $ dotnet run
  • Run the fetcher application from the Fetcher directory: $ dotnet run

Or the easy way: $ docker-compose up --build

How to help

Feel free to send pull requests, feature requests and create issues when you hit bugs :)