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def gr_info(session):
query = session.sql("select concat(member_host,':',member_port) as server, member_role as 'role', member_version as 'version', sys.gr_member_in_primary_partition() as 'quorum', Count_Transactions_Remote_In_Applier_Queue as 'tx behind', Count_Transactions_in_queue as 'tx to cert', count_transactions_remote_applied as 'remote tx', count_transactions_local_proposed as 'local tx' from performance_schema.replication_group_member_stats t1 join performance_schema.replication_group_members t2 on t2.member_id = t1.member_id")
result = query.execute()
report = [result.get_column_names()]
for row in result.fetch_all():
return {'report': report}
'brief': 'Shows Group Replication Status.',
'details': ['You need the SELECT privilege on sys.session view and the '
+ 'underlying tables and functions used by it.'],
'argc': '0'
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