Using OpenStack via Ansible
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OpenStack ATL Ansible Demo

This repository contains ansible playbooks to demonstrate how to configure a cloud server to prepare it to run devstack or ZNC.

Running the Devstack Demo

  1. Check out the repository.

  2. Change directory to the 'ansible' subdir.

  3. Create a virtualenv:

    $ virtualenv venv
  4. Activate the virtualenv:

    $ source venv/bin/activate
  5. Install ansible and the other dependencies:

    $ pip install -r requirements.txt
  6. Install the ansible roles:

    $ ansible-galaxy install -r requirements.yml
  7. Edit 'keys.yml' to set the ssh key information to use for the server.

  8. Set up your 'clouds.yaml' file and 'OS_CLOUD' environment variable.

  9. Verify that authentication is working properly by running an openstack command:

    $ openstack server list
  10. Edit clouddev.yml to set the private key file to one matching your cloud.

  11. Run the playbook:

    $ ansible-playbook ./clouddev.yml
  12. Note the IP address of the server in the output of ansible-playbook.

  13. Use ssh to login to the server, using the private key specified and the user 'ubuntu'.

  14. Run devstack:

    $ cd ~/devstack
    $ ./