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Igor is a query engine that selects views in a iOS application, based on each view's class, properties, containment relationship to other views, and other characteristics.

The Igor Query Language is modeled after the W3C's Selector syntax.

See the Implementation Status page for details of which elements of the Igor query language have been implemented.

See the Igor Usage Tips page for examples and guidelines on how to use Igor queries.


To install Igor into a Frankfied application:

  1. Download the latest Igor library (libigor-0.5.0.a) from the Downloads Page.
  2. Copy the Igor library into your project. One good location is the same folder and group as your libFrank.a library.
  3. In the "Build Phases" tab for your Frankified application target, in the "Link Binary With Libraries" section, add the Igor library.
  4. Rebuild your app.

Now when you specify "igor" as the selector engine in a Frank map request, Frank will route the query to Igor to find views.

The Name

Igor is pronounced like eye gore. Or "iGor."

It's called Igor because it gathers parts for Frank(enstein) to operate on.

I nearly called it Feldman, but that would have been silly.

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