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1. Ansible Playbook for deploying k8s

In this repo, i will show you how to automated installing k8s on multi node using kubeadm. Before using this ansible playbook, make sure that:

  • You have configured an IP Address

  • You have configured SSH permission for root

  • You have configured SSH less password for root

  • Configure Hostname, Hosts on each node (master and worker)

  • Instal ansible on your PC/Laptop

  • make sure you have input your hosts to ansible hosts in /etc/ansible/hosts

1.1. example /etc/hosts	localhost		k8s-master		k8s-node1		k8s-node2

1.2. example command for set hostname

hostnamectl set-hostname

1.3. example for /etc/ansible/hosts

master ansible_host=

node1 ansible_host=
node2 ansible_host=


2. How to Run this Playbook

  • Create an user with sudo access and less password when sudo with first playbook 1-initialize-user.yml.

ansible-playbook 1-initialize-user.yml
  • Install dependencies for k8s, such as docker, kubelet, kubeadm, etc

ansible-playbook 2-install-dependencies.yml
  • Provision for master nodes and join on worker nodes

ansible-playbook 3-provisioning-k8s.yml

3. After Run Playbook

dhenandi@k8s-master:~$ kubectl get nodes
NAME                     STATUS   ROLES    AGE     VERSION
k8s-master               Ready    master   8m51s   v1.15.3   Ready    <none>   8m7s    v1.15.3
k8s-node2                Ready    <none>   8m7s    v1.15.3
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