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#lang racket/base
(require racket/match
(require (for-syntax racket/base))
(provide (except-out (all-defined-out) stx-for-original-property))
(define-struct src (start-offset start-line start-col end-offset end-line end-col path) #:prefab)
(define (src-start src)
(position (src-start-offset src)
(src-start-line src)
(src-start-col src)))
(define (src-end src)
(position (src-end-offset src)
(src-end-line src)
(src-end-col src)))
(define (build-src start end path)
(src (position-offset start)
(position-line start)
(position-col start)
(position-offset end)
(position-line end)
(position-col end)
;; This syntax object will have the syntax-original? property. It can be used
;; with datum->syntax to give subsequent syntax objects this property.
(define stx-for-original-property (read-syntax #f (open-input-string "original")))
;; region->syntax : src [boolean] -> syntax
(define (src->syntax src [datum '...] [original? #t])
(datum->syntax #f
(list (src-path src)
(src-start-line src)
(src-start-col src)
(src-start-offset src)
(- (src-end-offset src) (src-start-offset src)))
(and original? stx-for-original-property)))
;; position position ... -> position
(define (position-max pos . poss)
[(null? poss) pos]
[(> (position-offset pos) (position-offset (car poss)))
(apply position-max pos (cdr poss))]
[else (apply position-max poss)]))
;; position position ... -> position
(define (position-min pos . poss)
[(null? poss) pos]
[(< (position-offset pos) (position-offset (car poss)))
(apply position-min pos (cdr poss))]
[else (apply position-min poss)]))
;; src src ... -> src
(define (src-range src . srcs)
(src (apply min (src-start-offset src) (map src-start-offset srcs))
(apply min (src-start-line src) (map src-start-line srcs))
(apply min (src-start-col src) (map src-start-col srcs))
(apply max (src-end-offset src) (map src-end-offset srcs))
(apply max (src-end-line src) (map src-end-line srcs))
(apply max (src-end-col src) (map src-end-col srcs))
(src-path src)))
(define (primitive-type-specifier? x)
(and (memq x '(void char short int long float double signed unsigned _Bool _Complex)) #t))
(define (unary-operator? x)
(and (memq x '(& * + - ~ !)) #t))
(define (binary-operator? x)
(and (memq x '(* / % + - << >> < > <= >= == !== & ^ \| && \|\|)) #t))
(define (assignment-operator? x)
(and (memq x '(= *= /= %= += -= <<= >>= &= ^= \|=)) #t))
(define (increment-operator? x)
(and (memq x '(++ --)) #t))
(define (apply-type-context ctxt x)
[(not ctxt) x]
[(type:pointer? ctxt)
(struct-copy type:pointer ctxt [base (apply-type-context (type:pointer-base ctxt) x)])]
[(type:array? ctxt)
(struct-copy type:array ctxt [base (apply-type-context (type:array-base ctxt) x)])]
[(type:function? ctxt)
(struct-copy type:function ctxt [return (apply-type-context (type:function-return ctxt) x)])]
[else (error 'parse "cannot plug into unexpected context: ~a" ctxt)]))
;; type * (listof (decl:declarator type-context)) -> (values (listof type) (listof decl:declarator))
;(define (build-declarators base declarators)
; (for/fold ([types null]
; [declarators null])
; ([declarator declarators])
; (match declarator
; [(struct decl:declarator (src #f context init))
; (values (cons (apply-type-context context base) types) declarators)]
; [(struct decl:declarator (src id context init))
; (values types (decl:declarator src id (apply-type-context context base) init))])))
;; declarator-context * type -> complete-declarator
(define (apply-declarator-context declarator base)
(match declarator
[(struct decl:declarator (src id context init))
(decl:declarator src id (apply-type-context context base) init)]))
;; (listof declarator-context) * type -> (listof complete-declarator)
(define (apply-declarator-contexts declarators base)
(map (lambda (declarator)
(apply-declarator-context declarator base))
;; member-declarator-context * type -> complete-member-declarator
(define (apply-member-declarator-context declarator base)
(match declarator
[(struct decl:member-declarator (src id context init bit-size))
(decl:member-declarator src id (apply-type-context context base) init bit-size)]))
;; (listof member-declarator-context) * type -> (listof complete-member-declarator)
(define (apply-member-declarator-contexts declarators base)
(map (lambda (declarator)
(apply-member-declarator-context declarator base))
;; =============================================================================
;; =============================================================================
(define-struct expr (src) #:prefab)
(define-struct (expr:ref expr) (id) #:prefab)
(define-struct (expr:int expr) (value qualifiers) #:prefab)
(define-struct (expr:float expr) (value qualifiers) #:prefab)
(define-struct (expr:char expr) (source wide?) #:prefab)
(define-struct (expr:string expr) (source wide?) #:prefab)
(define-struct (expr:compound expr) (type inits) #:prefab)
(define-struct (expr:array-ref expr) (expr offset) #:prefab)
(define-struct (expr:call expr) (function arguments) #:prefab)
(define-struct (expr:member expr) (expr label) #:prefab)
(define-struct (expr:pointer-member expr) (expr label) #:prefab)
(define-struct (expr:postfix expr) (expr op) #:prefab)
(define-struct (expr:prefix expr) (op expr) #:prefab)
(define-struct (expr:cast expr) (type expr) #:prefab)
(define-struct (expr:sizeof expr) (term) #:prefab)
(define-struct (expr:unop expr) (op expr) #:prefab)
(define-struct (expr:binop expr) (left op right) #:prefab)
(define-struct (expr:assign expr) (left op right) #:prefab)
(define-struct (expr:begin expr) (left right) #:prefab)
(define-struct (expr:if expr) (test cons alt) #:prefab)
;; =============================================================================
;; =============================================================================
(define-struct stmt (src) #:prefab)
(define-struct (stmt:label stmt) (label stmt) #:prefab)
(define-struct (stmt:case stmt) (expr stmt) #:prefab)
(define-struct (stmt:default stmt) (stmt) #:prefab)
(define-struct (stmt:block stmt) (items) #:prefab)
(define-struct (stmt:expr stmt) (expr) #:prefab)
(define-struct (stmt:if stmt) (test cons alt) #:prefab)
(define-struct (stmt:switch stmt) (test body) #:prefab)
(define-struct (stmt:while stmt) (test body) #:prefab)
(define-struct (stmt:do stmt) (body test) #:prefab)
(define-struct (stmt:for stmt) (init test update body) #:prefab)
(define-struct (stmt:goto stmt) (label) #:prefab)
(define-struct (stmt:continue stmt) () #:prefab)
(define-struct (stmt:break stmt) () #:prefab)
(define-struct (stmt:return stmt) (result) #:prefab)
(define-struct (stmt:empty stmt) () #:prefab)
;; =============================================================================
;; =============================================================================
(define-struct decl (src) #:prefab)
(define-struct (decl:typedef decl) (type declarators) #:prefab)
(define-struct (decl:vars decl) (storage-class type declarators) #:prefab)
(define-struct (decl:formal decl) (storage-class type declarator) #:prefab)
(define-struct (decl:function decl) (storage-class inline? return-type declarator preamble body) #:prefab)
(define-struct (decl:declarator decl) (id type initializer) #:prefab)
(define-struct (decl:member decl) (type declarators) #:prefab)
(define-struct (decl:member-declarator decl) (id type initializer bit-size) #:prefab)
(define (declarator-context? x)
(and (decl:declarator? x)
(type-context? (decl:declarator-type x))))
(define (complete-declarator? x)
(and (decl:declarator? x)
(complete-type? (decl:declarator-type x))))
(define (member-declarator-context? x)
(and (decl:member-declarator? x)
(type-context? (decl:member-declarator-type x))))
(define (complete-member-declarator? x)
(and (decl:member-declarator? x)
(complete-type? (decl:member-declarator-type x))))
;; =============================================================================
;; =============================================================================
(define-struct init (src) #:prefab)
(define-struct (init:compound init) (elements) #:prefab)
(define-struct (init:expr init) (expr) #:prefab)
;; =============================================================================
;; =============================================================================
(define-struct dtor (src) #:prefab)
(define-struct (dtor:array dtor) (expr) #:prefab)
(define-struct (dtor:member dtor) (label) #:prefab)
;; =============================================================================
;; =============================================================================
(define-struct type (src) #:prefab)
(define-struct (type:primitive type) (name) #:prefab)
(define-struct (type:ref type) (id) #:prefab)
(define-struct (type:struct type) (tag fields) #:prefab)
(define-struct (type:union type) (tag variants) #:prefab)
(define-struct (type:enum type) (tag variants) #:prefab)
(define-struct (type:array type) (base static? qualifiers length star?) #:prefab)
(define-struct (type:pointer type) (base qualifiers) #:prefab)
(define-struct (type:function type) (return formals) #:prefab)
(define-struct (type:qualified type) (type qualifiers) #:prefab)
(define (type-context? x)
(or (not x)
(and (type:pointer? x) (type-context? (type:pointer-base x)))
(and (type:array? x) (type-context? (type:array-base x)))
(and (type:function? x) (type-context? (type:function-return x)))))
(define (complete-type? x)
(and (type? x)
(not (type-context? x))))
;; =============================================================================
;; =============================================================================
(define-struct id (src) #:prefab)
(define-struct (id:var id) (name) #:prefab)
(define-struct (id:label id) (name) #:prefab)
(define-struct (id:qualifier id) (name) #:prefab)
(define-struct (id:op id) (name) #:prefab)
(define-struct (id:ellipsis id) () #:prefab)
(define-struct (id:storage id) (class) #:prefab)
(define-struct (id:inline id) () #:prefab)
(define-struct (id:star id) () #:prefab)
(define (id-name id)
(match id
[(or (struct id:var (_ name))
(struct id:label (_ name))
(struct id:qualifier (_ name))
(struct id:op (_ name))
(struct id:storage (_ name)))
[(? id:ellipsis?) '...]
[(? id:inline?) 'inline]
[(? id:star?) '*]))
(define (id->syntax id [original? #t])
(match id
[(or (struct id:var (src sym))
(struct id:label (src sym))
(struct id:storage (src sym))
(struct id:qualifier (src sym)))
(src->syntax src sym original?)]
[(struct id:inline (src))
(src->syntax src 'inline original?)]
[(struct id:ellipsis (src))
(src->syntax src '... original?)]
[(struct id:star (src))
(src->syntax src '* original?)]))
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