A Condition Number for Bézier Curve Intersection
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A Condition Number for Bézier Curve Intersection

This originally appeared in my thesis and is now split out into a (short) standalone paper (posted on the arXiv).

This repository is laid out in a manner described in Good Enough Practices in Scientific Computing.


We present a short note describing a condition number of the intersection of two Bézier curves. Since tangent intersections are to transversal intersections as multiple roots are to simple roots of a function, this condition number is infinite for non-transveral intersections.


The code used to build the manuscript, generate images and verify computations is written in Python. To run the code, Python 3.7 should be installed, along with nox-automation:

python -m pip install --upgrade nox-automation

Once installed, the various build jobs can be listed. For example:

$ nox --list-sessions
Available sessions:
* build_tex

To run nox -s build_tex (i.e. to build the PDF), pdflatex and bibtex are required.