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A collection of AppleScripts that I have written or have modified:

Archive link(s)

Convert selected Bookmark records in DEVONthink Pro to Web Archive records, deleting the original Bookmark record in the process. This script is useful for capturing links from RSS feeds, e.g., for adding articles from your Instapaper RSS feed to your DEVONthink Pro database.

Import link(s) to DEVONthink

When I’m using my iPhone or iPad and I find an interesting URL that I’d like to add to my DEVONthink Pro database, I mail the link to myself, using the following format for the message:

  • Subject: the name of the DEVONthink Pro record.
  • First line of body: the URL.
  • Lines beginning with “#”: tags to associate with the record.
  • Everything else: Spotlight comments to associate with the record.

Later, when I’m on my Mac and I have access to my DEVONthink Pro database, I select these messages in and run this script, which imports the messages into DEVONthink Pro as Web Archive records, and moves the messages to the Trash folder. Improperly-formatted messages are ignored.

The script contains a list-of-strings property named “signatures”. Any lines in the selected message that are found in this list are ignored when the message is imported into DEVONthink Pro. As the name of the property suggests, this functionality is useful for ignoring email signatures. The default value of this property is {“d”}; you will certainly want to change it.

For example, if I send a message like this to myself:

From: Drew Hess
To: Drew Hess
Subject: Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes


then when I select this message in and run the Import link(s) to DEVONthink script on it, the script will create a new Web Archive record in the Inbox of my default DEVONthink Pro import group, with the name “Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes,” with the tags “itunes” and “applescripts”, and with a web archive of

See the script description for more details.


Either copy or symlink the included script(s) into your ~/Library/Scripts directory. Make sure you preserve the filesystem layout, so that the scripts are visible to the applications they operate on; e.g., if the script lives in the Applications/Mail/ directory, you should copy/symlink it into ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Mail/.


All scripts authored by me are licensed under the BSD 3-clause license.

Scripts adapted/forked from other authors use the license of the original work.