My version of the SSL client certificate authentication extension for MediaWiki.
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This is a version of the MediaWiki SSLAuthPlugin authentication
extension designed to work with MediaWiki 1.15. The official version
of the extension is here:

As of March 2012, the extension appears to be under active development
again, which was not the case back when I published my unofficial 1.13
version. However, I'll keep maintaining this git repo until the
developers stop using the above MediaWiki page as the official
code-hosting page. MediaWiki is not a code versioning system, people!

NOTE: Because it is officially maintained on a MediaWiki page, with no
cryptographically-secure hashes or other means to carefully track
changes to the source code, and where anyone may edit it, the
SSLAuthPlugin extension may contain serious bugs or security flaws.
Use at your own risk!