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Fix some small bugs #3

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Most of the fixes are for issues from the iodoom3 bugtracker (some fixes are directly taken from there and others are written from scratch).

Furthermore there's workaround for a very strange bug with broken LADSPA plugins and ALSA ( ).

DanielGibson added some commits May 13, 2012
@DanielGibson DanielGibson Work around broken libs that call setlocale(LC_ALL, "");
Because that can fuck up parsing floats if your locale uses ',' as a radix.

LADSPA plugins that may be used by ALSA do this. A PITA to debug.
@DanielGibson DanielGibson Fix memleak in snd_cache.cpp (from Harry Jeffery) 56873e1
@DanielGibson DanielGibson Fix wrong length used in memset() in idMegaTexture::GenerateMegaMipMa…

it should be tileSize, not sizeof( tileSize ), as it was also used for
allocating that block of memory
@DanielGibson DanielGibson Fix idMatX::IsOrthonormal()
The original implementation was pretty broken (but not used anyway),
it is now fixed and improved a bit (got rid of one inner loop).
This (at least part of the problem) was detected by PVS-Studio,
see Fragment 3
@DanielGibson DanielGibson Fix several bugs from iodoom3 bugtracker found them (with PVS studio IIRC), reported them and posted
Some of the patches were incorrect so I rewrote them.
@DanielGibson DanielGibson (Hopefully) fix call to LittleRevBytes in idGameLocal::ServerWriteSna…

Makes more sense than before, but TBH I'm not entirely sure what this is
supposed to do.
andre-d commented May 18, 2012

Woa, awesome, if he does not accept them I will pull them into my sdl2 port for sure.

@DanielGibson DanielGibson Remove superfluous call to dict->GetString
it's called again one line below (this time checking if the key really existed
in the dict)
I overlooked this in "Fix several bugs from iodoom3 bugtracker"
dhewm member
dhewg commented Jun 2, 2012

woo, activity!
pushed most of the stuff: squashed 34a2a07 into 9d5ac74 and dropped 4ab609f, that should prolly be tested by some BE user ;)

@dhewg dhewg closed this Jun 2, 2012
andre-d commented Jun 2, 2012

thanks, rebased my fork up

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