dhewm3 1.4.0 Release

@DanielGibson DanielGibson released this Oct 9, 2015

Release 1.4.0 of our Doom 3 Sourceport.

Needs the original Doom3 (not BFG!) game data.
See https://github.com/dhewm/dhewm3/blob/master/README.md
and https://github.com/dhewm/dhewm3/wiki/FAQ
for more information.

Thanks to all the testers!
Especially from id Tech Forums, Holarse (special thanks to NoXPhasma!),
Quakehaus and #iodoom3 @freenode.

Also many thanks to everyone reporting bugs and sending pull requests over the years.
And to dhewg of course for starting this and doing all the hard work :-)

- Daniel