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dhewm3 1.5.0

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@DanielGibson DanielGibson released this 16 Dec 02:25
· 334 commits to master since this release

Release 1.5.0 of our Doom3 Sourceport.

By the way: There is a newer release - you probably want that instead!

Needs the original Doom3 (not BFG!) game data.
See for more information

Changes since 1.4.1:

  • We've got a proper homepage now:
  • Support for some Mods via custom SDK: Classic Doom3, Fitz Packerton, HardQore2, Denton's Enhanced Doom3, Rivensin (formerly known as Ruiner).
  • Supports High DPI displays on Windows now
  • Scale menus, fullscreen videos and the PDA to 4:3 (with black bars left/right) on widescreen displays so they don't look stretched/distorted. Can be disabled with r_scaleMenusTo43 0.
    No, this unfortunately can't be done for the HUD (except for the crosshair), because it also handles fullscreen effects (for example when receiving damage), and those would look bad with black/empty bars on left/right.
  • Commandline option to display some help on supported commandline arguments: -h or -help or --help or /?
  • (Experimental) uncapped framerate, enable by entering com_fixedTic -1 in the console (can be set back with com_fixedTic 0).
  • Providing binaries for Linux amd64 (x86_64) now
  • Updated some libraries bundled in the Win32 build: SDL2 2.0.9, OpenAL-soft 1.19.1 and curl 7.62.0
  • Support for the AROS and OpenBSD operating systems
  • Several bugfixes