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dhewm3 1.5.1 Release Candidate 3

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@DanielGibson DanielGibson released this 22 Feb 05:32
· 240 commits to master since this release

Release Candidate 3 for the upcoming version 1.5.1 of our Doom 3 Sourceport

This is outdated, please use version 1.5.1 instead!

Hopefully the last Release Candidate before the proper release, please test!

Needs the original Doom3 (not BFG!) game data.
See for more information

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Changes since Release Candidate 2:

  • Fix lingering messages in HUD after loading savegame
    • Sometimes the "Game saved..." message didn't go away after loading a savegame (when having saved while it still was showing from last save)
  • Uploaded updated builds of Mod DLLs, now also supporting LibreCoop and The Lost Mission
  • Don't use translation in Autosave filenames (see #305)
    • In the Spanish translation all the Alpha Lab autosaves got the same name, now the autosave name is based on the mapename instead which is distinct
  • Create the game window on the display the cursor is currently on (when using more than one display)
  • Added r_fullscreenDesktop CVar to set if fullscreen mode should be "classic" or "Desktop" which means a borderless window at desktop resolution
  • Fullscreen modes that are not at the current desktop resolution should work better now
    • including nvidia DSR / AMD VSR; for that you might have to use the supplied dhewm3_notools.exe, as DSR/VSR seem to be incompatible with applications that use MFC (the GUI framework used for the Doom3 tools like the D3Radiant)
  • Fixed clipping bug in delta1 (see #328)
  • Improve compatibility with some custom scripts ("t->c->value.argSize == func->parmTotal" Assertion; see #303)
  • Update savegame format (see #303 and #344)
    • old savegames still work, but new savegames can't be loaded with older versions of dhewm3