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dhewm3 1.5.3

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@DanielGibson DanielGibson released this 29 Mar 04:26
· 2 commits to master since this release

Release 1.5.3 of our Doom 3 Sourceport

Needs the original Doom3 (not BFG!) game data.
See for more information.

UPDATE 2024-04-19:

The Linux binaries of this release were buggy, see #572.
If you want to use the Linux amd64 binaries provided here (instead of compiling yourself), please use the updated dhewm3-1.5.3try2_Linux_amd64.tar.gz and dhewm3-mods-1.5.3try2_Linux_amd64.tar.gz instead.

To avoid confusion, I deleted the old Linux binary archives from the downloads below.

The only change compared to 1.5.3 is 6daf1e9, and as far as I can tell this bug only manifests itself when compiling with ancient versions of GCC (I use 4.7.2 in my build environment; current Linux distributions ship GCC 9 or newer), so I decided against creating an entire new dhewm3 release for this.

Note: The provided Linux build now requires SDL 2.0.12 or newer.
If your system has an older version of SDL2 (e.g. 2.0.10 on Ubuntu 20.04), you can put the from sdl-2.30.1-linux-amd64.tar.gz into dhewm3/libs/ to make dhewm3 use this updated version of SDL2 (2.30.1).

Changes since 1.5.2:

  • Support for gamepads (based on code from Quadrilateral Cowboy,
    but heavily expanded). See for more information. Needs SDL2.
  • Support different file formats for screenshots by setting the r_screenshotFormat CVar
    (0 = TGA, still the default, 1 = BMP, 2 = PNG, 3 = JPG). r_screenshotJpgQuality and
    r_screenshotPngCompression allow configuring how JPG/PNG are compressed.
    Thanks eezstreet (Nick Whitlock)!
  • Fixed problems with lights after loading a savegame (#495)
  • Fix volume of some weapon sounds, like chaingun being too quit (#326)
  • Increase stack size on Windows to 8MB (instead default of 1MB) to make loading huge models work
  • Fixed crash in Radiant Model Preview Dialog (#496)
  • Fix MD3 model support
  • Several new CMake options:
    • To enable Clang/GCC Address Sanitizer and Undefined Behavior Sanitizer
    • Hardlink the game code into the executable (instead of using game DLLs,
      only supports base or d3xp then; needed for Undefined Behavior Sanitizer)
    • Force colored diagnostic output from GCC or Clang (esp. useful when building with ninja)
  • Fix several compiler warnings
  • Added build instructions for Linux (and similar systems) to
  • Added documentation for dhewm3-specific settings (mostly CVars): Configuration
  • Updated stb_image and stb_vorbis
  • Updated minizip (from zlib/contrib) to latest upstream code
  • Added in_namePressed CVar to print currently pressed key/button (useful for binding keys
    in the console or configs). Thanks Biel Bestué de Luna!
  • Updated bundled libs on Windows: OpenAL Soft 1.23.1, SDL 2.30.1, cURL 8.6.0, zlib 1.3.1
  • Linux binary build provided here now requires SDL 2.0.12 or newer (I provide an updated though).
    If you compile dhewm3 yourself, older SDL2 versions (and SDL1.2) are still supported (however, SDL1.2 doesn't support gamepads).