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Ramble On
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Ramble On

This script takes a list of persons and extracts all their movement starting from their English Wikipedia page. The file need to be encoded in utf-8 and the names of the persons in the list must be the same used in their Wikipedia url, e.g. -> Albert_Einstein . An example of the list can be found in the file list.txt

The script returns three files as output:

  • A .tsv file containing all the movements in a tab separated format. This file includes also the movements missing some informations (e.g. the coodrdinates)
  • A _clean.tsv file containing only the movements having all the information in a tab separated format.
  • .json file: same content of the _clean.tsv but in .json format. This the file to be used with the Ramble On Navigator

Requirements: This script requires the KafNafParserPy and SPARQLWrapper python modules. To install them:

sudo easy_install pip
pip install --user KafNafParserPy 
pip install --user SPARQLWrapper

To run the code:

python -l list.txt  -p pantheon_subset.txt -e -o output_movements


  • -l file containing the list of names
  • -o name of the output
  • -p files with metadata from the Pantheon dataset (optional). This file is not necessary, but, if present, it provides the information needed by the Ramble On Navigator to filter the queries (e.g. by nation or profession)
  • -e extend the number of corefence chains to use

Services used:

This script relies on Pikes, Nominatim and DBpedia. The urls of these services can be configured in the file config.ini. For an heavy use of this script (e.g. dozens of biographies) we suggest to install these services locally.

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