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Redditate is a simple Reddit reader that aims to make the browsing experience more pleasurable and easier for newbies :)

Why am I making it?

I effin love browsing Reddit, but I wish I had a way to browse it that was a bit more friendly and beautiful. Reddit's design is functional, but I wanted to strip it down and make it my own. I've been noodling in my free time after everyone else is asleep, so don't expect rapid progress.

Want to use it yourself?

Just go to www.redditate.com. Are you a super nerd who wants their own copy?! Download the codebase here on Github, open the index.html file and enjoy (no server needed).

What works right now?

  • Browsing the front page or any subreddit - click the dropdown in the fixed header
  • Using fullview and listview - cookies your preference
  • Inline imgur and youtube - click them to play or zoom in
  • Click images to see max-size inline
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Endless scrolling
  • Check it out on any device (responsive media query goodness)

What's coming next?

Honestly not sure just yet. Going to wait to see what everyone thinks and go from there!

Can haz feedback?

I would love to hear if you have any feedback on Redditate - just drop me an email at hi@redditate.com.