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Version bump for Bower package reasons, no core code changes.

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Really small point release just cleaning up a few odds and ends:

  • #224: Removing a duplicated rule
  • #215: Removing a redundant selector
  • #212: Cleaning up favicon tag
  • #209: Fixing a minor typo in a comment
  • 08b0f50: Removing trailing whitespaces
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The following issues were addressed in this release:

  • #173: Remove maximum scale for accessibility
  • #184: Changed Google Fonts link
  • #205: Added input types for "tel" and "url". Also cleaned a few other small form styles
  • #196: Cleaned up property order to match the general principles outlined here:
  • #186: Addressed smaller viewports being limited to 80%. Now .container uses 20px padding for any viewport sub-400px, 85% width for 400-550px viewport, and 80% for 550px and larger viewports (with the same default max-width of 960px)
  • Made small grid improvements in decreasing specificities drastically and removing default bottom margin on .row
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Update to fix:

  • Grid offsets not working with some sizes of other columns.
  • Removing __MACOSX directory and .DS_Store files in the zip
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A whole new version of Skeleton! In short, here's what's been changed:

  • A new truly responsive grid based on percentages
  • Mobile first media queries
  • New typeface Raleway as default
  • Generally simpler style
  • More robust forms (especially in relation to grid)
  • Inclusion of basic table styling
  • Inclusion of super basic code styling
  • Using Normalize.css as the "reset"
  • Removing Apple touch icons
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The stable build of Skeleton that's been basically unchanged for the past couple years.

Versions prior to this release didn't take advantage of Github's "releases" feature. Informally, the history of those releases were:

  • V1.0.0 (5/15/2011): Initial release of Skeleton.
  • V1.0.1 (5/19/2011): Made some quick changes based on input from Github and fellow designers.
    • Refined the app.js to make faster and cleaner
    • Added Apple touch icons
    • Removed some bloated CSS lines from the base.css
    • Added an :active button class
    • Changed Skeleton favicon
    • Added MIT licensing
  • V1.0.2 (5/20/2011): Added more input declarations to the .button styles and included legend in CSS
  • V1.0.3 (7/17/2011): Fixed the issue of failed "zooming" on browsers.
  • V1.1 (8/17/2011): A lot of cleanup changes. I finally feel comfortable throwing a 1.1 on this bad boy.
    • App.js is now just tabs.js
    • Tab CSS now works perfectly on IE7+
    • Rewrote layout.css media-query spaces to be easier to understand
    • Stripping some rogue whitespace and reformatting a bit
    • Fixing broken doctype declaration
  • V1.2 (6/20/2012): Pruning Skeleton down to some more bare bones :)
    • Remove tabs and all JS