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Gripe With Roslyn

NuGet Stats

A simple library to provide Roslyn analyzers to show how to deal with technical debt. Note: The analysis rules here are subjective and based upon things we encounter when maintaining a sizable codebase.

Mission Statement

  • Provide a simple library of code warnings around method usage that can impact maintainability or performance of code.
  • Build of top of common functionality from Code Cracker to keep development simple.
  • Keep the project small and simple so won't require much ongoing maintenance, and possibly allow for code to be pushed to respective projects if it would prove fruitful.

Viewing the documentation

The documentation can be found at

Contributing to the code

1. Fork the code

See the github help page for instructions on how to create a fork.

2. Apply desired changes

Use your preffered method for carrying out work.

3. Send a pull request

See the github help page for instructions on how to send pull requests