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a simple sinatra webapp for browsing hiera data
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hiera-browser is a tool that simply makes an admin aware of what values a node can expect to retrieve from hiera.

As of right now, hiera-browser only supports infrastructures with a single yaml backend.


For open source puppet:

gem install hiera-browser
HIERA_YAML=$(puppet master --configprint hiera_config) hiera-browser

For PE:

/opt/puppet/bin/gem install hiera-browser
HIERA_YAML=$(/opt/puppet/bin/puppet master --configprint hiera_config) /opt/puppet/bin/hiera-browser

as of right now, this runs hiera-browser as a totally exposed web server, so be careful


NOTE: as above, this will install the FOSS puppet gem, so be careful

bundle install
bundle exec rake cucumber
bundle exec rake rspec

or, alternatively, if you're actively developing against hiera-browser, it might be worthwhile to run guard:

bundle exec guard

This will launch a guard process that should run tests whenever you save classes or spec tests.


There is real live (fake) test data so you can get a demo up and running fairly quickly:

bundle install
bundle exec rake demo


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