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As a proof of concept, I added a simple validator to the Translation model that checks whether the variables in the translation and the primary text match. I am now using the following rules for the translation of a phrase:

  • All variables in the primary translation should be used.
  • No new variable names should be invented in the secondary translation.
  • Changing the order of variables is allowed: "{{world}}, {{hello}}!"
  • Repetition of variables is allowed: "{{hello}} {{world}}, and {{hello}} again!"

I added tests for this behavior as well. See my fork at
Before going further, the questions is whether these rules are OK and should be enforced strictly (by using a validation). Also, currently the app does not display validation errors.


I like the sound of these constraints. Feels like something that should be on by default (and validated strictly) and turned off with a bit of work.


Apparently, I forgot to push to my repo. Now the changes are on Github:


I think this is pretty good. It should also detecte %{} variable format though ( that's the new default in Rails 3 ). Could you please send a pull request too ?



Fixed, and sent!


I've merged your branch.

Thanks for the patch!

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