Index on the tolk_phrases.key problem in MySQL #3

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geoffgom commented May 6, 2010

The index on the key fild of the tolk_phrases table causes an error and avoid the migration to complete in MySQL:

== CreateTolkTables: migrating

-- create_table(:tolk_locales)

-> 0.1015s

-- add_index(:tolk_locales, :name, {:unique=>true})

-> 0.1151s

-- create_table(:tolk_phrases)

-> 0.1095s

-- add_index(:tolk_phrases, :key)

rake aborted!

An error has occurred, all later migrations canceled:

Mysql::Error: BLOB/TEXT column 'key' used in key specification without a key length: CREATE INDEX 'index_tolk_phrases_on_key' ON 'tolk_phrases' ('key')

jduarte commented May 6, 2010

I just had the same issue


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