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Tiny patch allowing to search phrases by key.

elmatou commented Jan 19, 2011

'+ 1 will be great


+1: I like. And I had +2 for my inferior pull request #24 – I wish I could move them here.

yar commented May 4, 2011

+1 Please merge this.

elmatou commented May 4, 2011

it seems this project is not supported anymore....
Any replacement ?

yar commented May 4, 2011

Why do you think it is not supported? The rails3 branch had the last commit on March 11th, 2011.

elmatou commented May 4, 2011

Since I follow this project (Automn 2010) despite the rails3 branch release (which is only a port of the plugin to rails 3), nothing appends, not any pull request discussed, nor issue discussed. basicly nothing...
You can check an alive fork here :


This will be available in Tolk 1.2.0 (already merged on master : github/tolk/tolk)

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