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Because of some sprockets issues, tolk wasn't working with rails 3.2. Here are some fixes. Most of changes by @drogus .

lifo and others added some commits Jun 3, 2010
@lifo lifo Make migration generator work with Rails 3 c69d728
@lifo lifo named_scope -> scope and <% -> <%= ff92009
@lifo lifo Latest will_paginate/rails3 6f3bedf
@lifo lifo Remove bundled will_paginate 162d791
@lifo lifo No need for monkey patched link renderer de6ca66
@lifo lifo Add Gemfile for will_paginate/rails3 a226141
@lifo lifo More rails3 compatibility and get rid of custom LinkRenderer 17625d6
@lifo lifo Move tasks to lib/ 83ffa4b
@lifo lifo Add a gemspec a496269
@lifo lifo Engine definition for Rails 3 9d2883f
@lifo lifo Fix gemspec cc96ff9
@lifo lifo Use Rails 3 route syntax 274c5c6
@lifo lifo Require w_p and ya2yaml 66a0a57
@lifo lifo Add rake tolk:import_assets for copying asstes to the app 0cf67e0
@dhh The lines must line up 29576df
@dhh Rails 3 wants Mime::YAML not YML 18fb33c
@dhh Add a setup task that does all the legwork of getting Tolk running in…
… your app
@dhh Update readme for Rails 3 and setup stuff 4a13f0b
@dhh Add a changelog 22f34f5
@wvanbergen wvanbergen Added simple variable checking when validating translations. ac77341
@wvanbergen wvanbergen Also detect %{variable} in translations. 7d7ed74
@lifo lifo Merge remote branch 'wvanbergen/master' into rails3 863399b
@drogus drogus Converted tolk to mountable engine
2 tests still fail and integration tests must be run with selenium
because of bug in capybara.
@drogus drogus Ignore logs and db files in test/dummy 7834c75
@drogus drogus Seems like in older versions of AR fixnums were converted to strings …
…in serialized column
@drogus drogus Serialize previous_text to avoid errors on save 9d9eb96
@drogus drogus Removed has_rdoc from gemspec a57c549
@drogus drogus namespace -> isolate_namespace 925e720
@drogus drogus Do not require specific version of will paginate 96e3ddc
@drogus drogus Fixed tolk to work on 3.1 b51ad4d
@drogus drogus We don't need to copy assets anymore 6b52dc1
@drogus drogus Move everything to one migration b4456e2
@drogus drogus Remove test dummy logs 06956fd
@drogus drogus Fix javascripts and styles for 3.2 13f33c9
@drogus drogus Use kaminari in dependencies 59382c7
@drogus drogus Use will paginate aa9bebf
@drogus drogus Explicitly require application controller to not make AS::Dependencie…
…s confused
@drogus drogus Do not try to save procs while doing sync 11928cf
Lukasz Sarnacki will paginate fix in views af3ea94

This pull request has been merged in tolk 1.2.0

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