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Mining Mediated Memory (DHH16)

Explorations of YLE Metro Metadata

Analysis scripts

  • metro-metadata-analysis.Rmd
  • metro-metadata-change-activity.Rmd
  • metro-topic-modeling.Rmd

Data preprocessing scripts

XQuery scripts require importing XML data to BaseX XML database.

  • create-csv.xq -- creates a CSV version of the dataset.
  • create-documentarist-id.xq -- creates a CSV with information related to metadata changes

OpenRefine was used to categorize the data and to create subsets of the data with keyword searches.

  • OpenRefineSalla.json -- Directory for OpenRefine scripts.
  • OpenRefineSalla-UKK.json -- Scripts for creating the subsets concerning president Kekkonen and parliament elections (eduskuntavaalit)