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Native C client and library for Riemann licensed with Apache License 2.0.

Chekout the [wiki]! [wiki]:

You may want to take a look at [Algenon's riemann-c-client] it supports everthing that this version supports plus TLS. Also it has a simpler API. I'm still willing to merge pull requests if anyone has interest. [Algenon's riemann-c-client]:


  • 2016-10-02: I'm re-releasing this as Apache License 2.0.


  • TCP and UDP support for sending events
  • TCP support for quering
  • Timeout support, enabling blocking and non-blocking calls on same function. (Can be disabled at compile time --disable-timeout. Enabled by default.)
  • Support for tags and attributes
  • Support for sending multiple events in one shot


On OS X, this can be installed with:

brew protobuf-c libtool

Use --with-protobuf-c-dir=/usr/local/Cellar/protobuf-c/0.15 as arguments to ./configure below.


WARNING: This is in really early stages, and was not fully tested.

  1. Clone
# git clone ''
# cd riemann-c-client
  1. Build
# ./
# ./configure --with-protobuf-c-dir=/root/usr/protobuf-c
# make
  1. Install
# sudo make install

Checkout the [wiki] for distro specific instructions [wiki]:


Include the headers

#include <riemann/event.h>
#include <riemann/message.h>
#include <riemann/client.h>

Create messages. Queries and Events are send attached in messages. Also create a client, this will be your connection to riemann server. riemann_client_connect() returns non-zero on failure.

int error;
riemann_message_t msg = RIEMANN_MSG_INIT;
riemann_client_t cli;

If you'll send events create the events and alloc them. There no simpler way to send a sigle event. Check the returned pointers. NULL means that malloc failed. Then set the event fields.

riemann_event_t **events;
events = riemann_event_alloc_events(1);
events[0] = riemann_event_alloc_event();
riemann_event_set_host(events[0], "batcave");
riemann_event_set_service(events[0], "batservice");
riemann_event_set_metric_f(events[0], 1);
riemann_event_set_state(events[0], "ok");

Attach events to message:

riemann_message_set_events(&msg, events, 1);

Send the message! 3th parameter is flags to be passed to send() call, 4th parameter is a timeout struct(struct timeval). Passing 0 on both fields yield a non-blocking call, otherwise the call waits until timeout. If NULL is passed the call blocks undefinately.

error = riemann_client_init(&cli);
error = riemann_client_connect(&cli, RIEMANN_TCP,
error = riemann_client_send_message(&cli, &msg, 0, NULL);

If you want to make sure that server received your events, ask it for a response:

riemann_message_t *resp = NULL;
resp = riemann_client_recv_message(&cli, 0, NULL);
if (resp->ok)
   puts("SUCCESS"); /* your message was received with success */

Responses need to be freed. Also events and clients.

riemann_events_free(events, n_events);

When compiling your code, link it against libriemann_client:

# cc -o your_program your_code.c -lriemann_c_client -L/usr/local/lib -I/usr/local/include

For complete examples look at src/examples directory.