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/* DateStrings.cpp
* Definitions for date strings for use with the Time library
* No memory is consumed in the sketch if your code does not call any of the string methods
* You can change the text of the strings, make sure the short strings are each exactly 3 characters
* the long strings can be any length up to the constant dt_MAX_STRING_LEN defined in Time.h
#include <avr/pgmspace.h>
#include "Time.h"
// the short strings for each day or month must be exactly dt_SHORT_STR_LEN
#define dt_SHORT_STR_LEN 3 // the length of short strings
static char buffer[dt_MAX_STRING_LEN+1]; // must be big enough for longest string and the terminating null
const char monthStr1[] PROGMEM = "January";
const char monthStr2[] PROGMEM = "February";
const char monthStr3[] PROGMEM = "March";
const char monthStr4[] PROGMEM = "April";
const char monthStr5[] PROGMEM = "May";
const char monthStr6[] PROGMEM = "June";
const char monthStr7[] PROGMEM = "July";
const char monthStr8[] PROGMEM = "August";
const char monthStr9[] PROGMEM = "September";
const char monthStr10[] PROGMEM = "October";
const char monthStr11[] PROGMEM = "November";
const char monthStr12[] PROGMEM = "December";
PGM_P const monthNames_P[] PROGMEM =
const char monthShortNames_P[] PROGMEM = "ErrJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec";
const char dayStr0[] PROGMEM = "Err";
const char dayStr1[] PROGMEM = "Sunday";
const char dayStr2[] PROGMEM = "Monday";
const char dayStr3[] PROGMEM = "Tuesday";
const char dayStr4[] PROGMEM = "Wednesday";
const char dayStr5[] PROGMEM = "Thursday";
const char dayStr6[] PROGMEM = "Friday";
const char dayStr7[] PROGMEM = "Saturday";
PGM_P const dayNames_P[] PROGMEM = { dayStr0,dayStr1,dayStr2,dayStr3,dayStr4,dayStr5,dayStr6,dayStr7};
const char dayShortNames_P[] PROGMEM = "ErrSunMonTueWedThrFriSat";
/* functions to return date strings */
char* monthStr(uint8_t month)
strcpy_P(buffer, (PGM_P)pgm_read_word(&(monthNames_P[month])));
return buffer;
char* monthShortStr(uint8_t month)
for (int i=0; i < dt_SHORT_STR_LEN; i++)
buffer[i] = pgm_read_byte(&(monthShortNames_P[i+ (month*dt_SHORT_STR_LEN)]));
buffer[dt_SHORT_STR_LEN] = 0;
return buffer;
char* dayStr(uint8_t day)
strcpy_P(buffer, (PGM_P)pgm_read_word(&(dayNames_P[day])));
return buffer;
char* dayShortStr(uint8_t day)
uint8_t index = day*dt_SHORT_STR_LEN;
for (int i=0; i < dt_SHORT_STR_LEN; i++)
buffer[i] = pgm_read_byte(&(dayShortNames_P[index + i]));
buffer[dt_SHORT_STR_LEN] = 0;
return buffer;