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[DEPRECATED] I18n monitor for DHIS 2
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We use d2-i18n-monitor to track progress of language support across our entire DHIS2 platform (only frontend for now).


You need a Personal access token to use this monitoring service.

  • Open this link.
  • Click on Generate new token button
  • Enter some meaningful name in Token description. Assign all permissions under repo category to this token
  • Go to the bottom of the webpage. Hit Generate token

Copy this token into Access Token present on the Config page. Hit Save.


  • By default you will only monitor repos in GitHub Organization dhis. If your translation repo belongs to another organization then enter it inside Organizations field on a separate line.
  • You can skip individual repos. Enter them under Skip these repos field e.g. dhis2/repo-no-monitoring


Once configured you will see all repos with postfix -app under page Projects


Repos. where d2-i18n support has been implemented. You should attach a GitHub topic d2-i18n to that repo. Additionally attach lang-en as English is our default language.

Any additionally language support can be added by adding topic lang-LANGUAGE-CODE to a repo. For example. adding support for Urdu language is as simple as attaching lang-ur topic to repo. Target language files for example ur.po might not be present, but this can easily be managed using this d2-i18n-monitor. More on this under Contribution below.


Any repo. with internationalization support will be a blue link. Click on the link to go to the project page.

Here you will see a bunch of files. Apart from file contents, the valuable information is content analysis which are presented in a table above contents.

Note All file contents used below are taken from the master branch.


If d2-i18n support has been implemented we detect the presence of the following scripts.

  • extract-pot: To extract contents out of source code to create en.pot file.
  • localize: Use pot and po files to generate i18next compatible json files.
  • prettify: If code prettification is implemented or not. Not necessary in anyway but important to standardize our entire 30. repo's with countless lines to look the same.
  • build: Detect if build step has been present.


All the translatable language strings part of source code are present in en.pot file. This file is generated automatically on dev and build

Above file contents you can see the number of msgid strings that need to be translated.


We only detect the presence of yarn lint nd yarn build step be part of .travis.yml file.


Replace LANGUAGE-CODE with your language. In this section I will use language Urdu represented by code ur as an example to elaborate the workflow.

Assuming lang-ur langauge has been attached to the repo. Project page will show ur.po file. Presence of ur.po inside target repo is not necessary. If present contents of ur.po will appear under.

Under ur.po you will see,

  • Total Reperesenting the total number of msgid strings present in en.pot file. Because en.pot is the standard file we compare all our translations against.
  • Translated Number of strings that have been translated into Urdu.
  • Health Detect health Urdu language for this project repo.

Edit Mode

You can click on the Pencil Icon on the very left of files. This will help you edit any LANGUAGE-CODE.po file. As an example if we are on ur.po file. This page will show strings in English on the left side with strings in Urdu on the right side.

If you editing a translation for string Delete and your cursor is inside the edit text on the right. A bunch of translation suggestions will appear. You can click on any one to replace existing translation for Delete.

Once you are finished translating, hit Save at the bottom of the page.

  • We will create a branch inside the project repo. by the name i18n/LANGUAGE-CODE-translations.
  • We will push all updated language strings in LANGUAGE-CODE.po to the same path as on master branch.

At this point you must create a Pull Request from i18n/LANGUAGE-CODE-translations against the master branch to merge updates.


When your Pull Request is merged with the master branch. Please delete i18n/LANGUAGE-CODE-translations branch.

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