DHIS 2 demo databases
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DHIS 2 demo databases

This repository contains PostgreSQL dumps of demo databases.

To work with the database you can gunzip it:

gunzip dhis2-db-sierra-leone.sql.gz

Restore it using psql:

psql -d dev -U dhis -f dhis2-db-sierra-leone.sql

After modifying it you can create a dump using pg_dump. Please gzip and exclude the analytics and resource tables as they will be generated later and take up a lot of space:

pg_dump dev -U dhis -T analytics* -T _* | gzip > dhis2-db-sierra-leone.sql.gz

Follow the naming convention for directories under the sierra-leone directory, which is the DHIS 2 version number (e.g. "2.28") and "dev" (snapshot).

Remember to write good commit messages to explain what you do with the databases.