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DHIS 2.30 Upgrade Notes


  • Run the database SQL upgrade script once before updating the WAR file.
  • PostGIS is now a required extension for PostgreSQL. Make sure to install and enable PostGis in your database before upgrading to DHIS 2.30. Please consult the installation guide.


  • The following authorities have been removed from the system and superseded by the new data read and data write sharing levels from DHIS 2.29:
  • The following authority has been added and it is used for Program data synchronization purpose:
  • The analytics table generation screen has been moved from Reports app to Data administration app.

  • The SQL view screen has been moved to from Data administration app to Maintenance app.

  • The Light web module has been removed and there are currently no plans to replace it.

  • The user, import-export, messaging, data administration and data quality apps have been rewritten as Javascript apps using Material UI design.

Data model

  • The Relationship and RelationshipType concepts have been redesigned. The upgrade script will update existing data to conform to the changes. To account for some major concept changes like specifying types for relationship items, as well as making relationships one-directional, the following data changes should be expected: Each relationship and relationship type will be replaced with at least two new relationships and relationship types. Since existing relationships are bi-directional and have been made uni-directional we need to create a new relationship and type for each direction. In addition, since we are enforcing types for relationships, for example a RelationshipType can go from one specific TrackedEntityType to another, we need to replicate any existing variations of TrackedEntityTypes. So for each existing relationship with more than one combination of TrackedEntityTypes, two new RelationshipTypes will be created (one for each direction). The names of the newly created RelationshipTypes will be based on the existing RelationshipTypes, as well as the direction and TrackedEntityTypes they contain.
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