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DHIS 2.31 Upgrade Notes


  • In 2.31 we are introducing Flyway as a new system for database migrations. In the process we have removed most of the legacy database migration statements/scripts in order to have a fresh start and to reduce startup time of the application. As a result, when migrating from older DHIS 2 versions it is required to install DHIS 2.30 before installing DHIS 2.31. This will ensure that older migration scripts are being executed.


  • PostgreSQL version 9.6 or higher is required. The minimum required version was previously 9.4. We recommend migrating straight to version 10 as it is well tested with DHIS 2 and contains several performance improvements over 9.x.


  • Support for memcached as application cache provider is removed. Please use Redis instead.
  • The system settings Enable email notifications and Enable SMS notifications have been removed. The corresponding user settings now default to true.
  • The Mapzen API is discontinued and removed from Maps app and Settings app.
  • Flyway is introduced for database migration.