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Patch 2.31.3 Release Note


DHIS2-4928: Remove use of ping action while online in data entry
Components: [App] Data entry

Pings have been revised to remove unnecessary load on the server during online data entry.

DHIS2-6354: List of legends should be ordered
Components: [App] Maintenance

Legends are now sorted logically when editing in the Maintenance app


DHIS2-5836: Wrong finyear calculation when compared to quarters or months
Components: [API] Analytics

DHIS2-6348: Get approval status when user is assigned to sub orgunit tree
Components: [API] Data approval

DHIS2-5714: Count of inserted events not always shows up in import summaries
Components: [API] Events

DHIS2-6315: MessageConversations should not be a metadata
Components: [API] Metadata import-export, [API] Metadata model

DHIS2-4455: Protect sharing settings of default objects
Components: [API] Other

DHIS2-4188: XML /api/fileresources/uid redirects to identifiableObjects
Components: [API] Other

DHIS2-6521: Change Service methods to use READ-ONLY Transactions when relevant
Components: [API] Tracker

DHIS2-6506: Dashboard sharing broken in
Components: [App] Dashboard

DHIS2-6349: Favorite dashboard items not fully visible by default
Components: [App] Dashboard

DHIS2-6144: Cannot Delete File Resources from Event Capture
Components: [App] Event capture

DHIS2-5706: Import Summary for Data Import not shown for JSON and XML file
Components: [App] Import-export

DHIS2-5853: Import/ Export App LOGGER should display full date-time string for each entry
Components: [App] Import-export

DHIS2-6365: Edit legend UI does not allow legend items overlapping on same value
Components: [App] Maintenance

DHIS2-6207: Cancel button in Edit Legend screen dialog has no effect
Components: [App] Maintenance

DHIS2-6368: Error when validating tracked enities layer
Components: [App] Maps

DHIS2-6170: Program Stages (with validCompleteOnly=true) can be completed even if validation fails
Components: [App] Tracker capture

DHIS2-4994: Delay to view changing in tracker program metadata
Components: [App] Tracker capture

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