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Patch 2.31.4 Release Note


DHIS2-5866: All users with write/edit permissions should be able to delete dashboard items
Components: [API] Analytics

Users can now delete dashboards they have write permissions on, even if they do not own them.

DHIS2-5472: Order interpretations in desc order, comments in asc order
Components: [App] Analytics, [App] Dashboard, [App] Maps

The ordering of interpretations has been made consistent across all analytics apps.

DHIS2-5582: Sort events in descending date order by default
Components: [App] Event reports

Events are now listed in descending date order by default.

DHIS2-5292: Skip sharing option for metadata download with dependencies - [Backend]
Components: [API] Metadata import-export, [App] Import-export

Sharing information can now be skipped when exporting metadata with dependencies. Currently this is only available via the API, but will be in the GUI in the next patch release.

DHIS2-6993: New temperature layer from Google Earth Engine
Components: [App] Maps

The Maps temperature layer has been updated to cover recent periods.


DHIS2-6491: Sluggish performance loading category options
Components: [API] Events

DHIS2-6827: Backend does not store default JobParameters when no JobParameters are provided in POST request to /jobConfigurations
Components: [API] Job scheduler

DHIS2-6999: Skip MessageConversations during metadata sync
Components: [API] Job scheduler, [API] Metadata import-export, [API] Metadata model

DHIS2-6806: RelationshipType imported without trackedEntityType
Components: [API] Metadata import-export

DHIS2-6992: Exporting Data - ZIP and GZIP options use no compression
Components: [API] Metadata import-export, [App] Import-export

DHIS2-6084: Cannot import JobConfiguration
Components: [API] Metadata import-export, [App] Import-export

DHIS2-5504: Sharing settings appear reset to public read and edit after saving
Components: [API] Metadata import-export

DHIS2-7127: Predictors abort when encountering null datavalues
Components: [API] Other

DHIS2-7146: Fix predictions when present data is found and past is missing
Components: [API] Other

DHIS2-4896: pager.nextPage property in api response does not include url parameters
Components: [API] Other

DHIS2-4645: /api/users cannot be sorted by email
Components: [API] Other

DHIS2-6293: 409 conflict on multiple endpoints when relationships is part of response
Components: [API] Tracker

DHIS2-6769: Search for unique ID fails when 2 attributes are required to search
Components: [API] Tracker

DHIS2-6725: Users not able to access TEI enrolled at other OrgUnits
Components: [API] Tracker

DHIS2-6289: Event listing API fails if order by completedBy, storedBy or dueDate is specified
Components: [API] Tracker

DHIS2-6250: Remove "Apply" button in Manage sharing screen when writing new interpretation
Components: [App] Analytics, [App] Dashboard, [App] Data visualizer, [App] Maps

DHIS2-6211: Updates to data entry fields does not trigger execute rules
Components: [App] Capture

DHIS2-6637: Select dropdown menu clipped by section bounds in custom forms
Components: [App] Capture

DHIS2-6599: Text boxes do not use the full height of the item in dashboard edit mode
Components: [App] Dashboard

DHIS2-7125: Wrong links to the documentation ("Open user guide")
Components: [App] Data administration, [App] Maintenance, [App] Reports, Documentation, Frontend

DHIS2-6940: Org unit not in alphabetical order when short name is displayed
Components: [App] Data entry, [App] Event capture

DHIS2-6530: Users/User Groups having permissions to the report is not getting displayed in Sharing Setting
Components: [App] Data visualizer

DHIS2-6101: Event Capture crashes complete server when loading a lot of Category Options
Components: [App] Capture, [App] Event capture

DHIS2-6552: Can't update existing event via Import Export module
Components: [App] Import-export

DHIS2-5964: "Fixed" column width in Program Stage Data Element list make long DE names indistinguishable
Components: [App] Maintenance

DHIS2-4161: Attributes for tracked entity types appear on Attributes section of Design program on Maintenance
Components: [App] Maintenance

DHIS2-5277: On the create/edit Program Stage screen, the button is labelled 'Save' when in fact data is not yet saved - could this be corrected to show 'Add stage' or 'Update stage' as appropriate?
Components: [App] Maintenance

DHIS2-6767: Sharing setting on program level gets cleared when saving program
Components: [App] Maintenance

DHIS2-1827: Error message not showing up when "Category combination" mandatory data element value is missing in new program UI
Components: [App] Maintenance

DHIS2-6353: Cancel for create legend items does not cancel
Components: [App] Maintenance

DHIS2-6559: Push analytics preview not working
Components: [App] Maintenance

DHIS2-4726: Expand the width of the filter drop down menu of new Maps app
Components: [App] Maps

DHIS2-6332: User is not taken to 'compose message' view when he clicks on ´Send message´ button on user profile
Components: [App] Messaging, [App] User

DHIS2-4151: Cannot scroll options menu, shifts app window if too tall
Components: [App] Pivot table

DHIS2-6860: Switching to appearance section after changing a value renders app broken
Components: [App] Settings

DHIS2-6170: Program Stages (with validCompleteOnly=true) can be completed even if validation fails
Components: [App] Tracker capture

DHIS2-6772: User content too close to header bar in user app
Components: [App] User

DHIS2-6498: User list should be ordered by first name, last name
Components: [App] User

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