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Patch 2.31.5 Release Note


DHIS2-6327: Predictor - add support for percentiles
Components: [API] Predictors

Percentile and standard deviation aggregation functions have now been added to predictors to support the definition of thresholds, etc.. See create_predictor documentation.


DHIS2-7046: Unable to get import summary via api in redis backed horizontal scaled version
Components: [API] Data value set

DHIS2-7237: Toggling enabled field of a job in jobConfigurations does not update jobStatus
Components: [API] Job scheduler

DHIS2-7255: Add PDF data value import function to /api/datavalueSets endpoint
Components: [API] Metadata import-export

DHIS2-6133: Search screen won't display (because the metadata export/import process has corrupted trackedEntityTypeAttributes?)
Components: [API] Metadata import-export

DHIS2-6135: DataSet Sections and Sections are not getting translated.
Components: [API] Other

DHIS2-4044: Data Element translation in indicator and validation rule
Components: [API] Other, [API] Validation, [App] Data visualizer, [App] GIS, [App] Maps, [App] Pivot table

DHIS2-7067: Complete and create enrollments in the same payload
Components: [API] Tracker

DHIS2-7194: DST transition dates not saved in some cases
Components: [API] Tracker

DHIS2-7274: Custom logos stored in S3 return 500
Components: [App] Core resource

DHIS2-6880: DataStore Manager - total failure after deleting a stored item
Components: [App] Data store

DHIS2-7114: Help link in profile menu is broken
Components: [App] Header and menu

DHIS2-6247: Importing zipped data files fail
Components: [App] Import-export

DHIS2-7069: Event Import with idScheme=CODE fails to update event
Components: [API] Events, [App] Import-export

DHIS2-6379: Importing metadata does not consider the DRY RUN flag
Components: [App] Import-export

DHIS2-6350: Attribute ID is deleted from program attributes
Components: [API] Metadata model, [App] Maintenance

DHIS2-6362: Short names visible in UI but no persisted in database
Components: [API] Metadata model, [App] Maintenance

DHIS2-7198: Failure to assign user to the message
Components: [App] Messaging

DHIS2-7098: Rules that make an attribute mandatory fail in TEI dashboard
Components: [App] Tracker capture

DHIS2-7282: Any modification of a user clears lastlogin
Components: [API] User, [App] User

DHIS2-2022: Category option combination not updated after category option rename
Components: Backend

DHIS2-6898: Add Event Layer - API Errors are not reported to user
Components: [App] Maps

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