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Patch 2.31.6 Release Note


DHIS2-7070: Add IdScheme=ATTRIBUTE: to events endpoint
Components: [API] Events

DHIS2-6188: Query parameter for relative timestamps in Tracker API
Components: [API] Events, [API] Tracker

DHIS2-7096: Event export without event UID
Components: [API] Events

DHIS2-7656: Static content end-point that returns json containing the URL to the file(s)
Components: [API] Other

DHIS2-6560: Specify read-only transaction level in service layer methods
Components: [API] Other

DHIS2-5709: Skip sharing option for metadata download with dependencies - [Frontend]
Components: [App] Import-export

DHIS2-5968: Show owning org unit in the user interface for tracked entity instances
Components: [App] Tracker capture


DHIS2-7157: UID of OU appearing instead of Name on Event reports
Components: [API] Analytics, [App] Event reports

DHIS2-7655: TEAs with data type ORGANISATION UNIT cause bad SQL grammar in analytics queries
Components: [API] Analytics

DHIS2-2315: Datatype "Organisation unit" show UID in event report
Components: [API] Analytics, [App] Event reports

DHIS2-6865: Event Report shows OU UID when Data Element has type ORGANISATION_UNIT
Components: [API] Analytics, [API] Events

DHIS2-7453: Analytics query (dataValueSets) for indicators using orgunit group (OUG) in expression fails
Components: [API] Analytics, [App] Analytics

DHIS2-7583: Unable to permanently remove events under Data Administration -> Maintenance
Components: [API] Data administration

DHIS2-7280: Can't remove soft deleted enrollments/TEIs due to foreign key constraint "fk_programmessage_programinstanceid"
Components: [API] Data administration

DHIS2-7373: Conflict in "geometry" does not include "reference" field in server response
Components: [API] Events

DHIS2-7452: Redis env: No taskSummaries when metadata import is not successful
Components: [API] Metadata import-export

DHIS2-7611: Metadata filtering causes null pointer exception
Components: [API] Metadata model

DHIS2-7629: DataStatistics doesn't include endDate when getting data
Components: [API] Other

DHIS2-7381: Deleted Objects endpoint paging does not work
Components: [API] Other

DHIS2-7320: Cannot create predictor for autofill Data Element with categoryCombos
Components: [API] Predictors
Needs Update

Components: [API] Security, [API] User

DHIS2-6920: (Sync process) Dataset, Sections not updated when elements & sections removed
Components: [API] Synchronization

DHIS2-7667: Events are not deleted when enrolment is deleted
Components: [API] Tracker

DHIS2-7019: Tracker - moving cases permanently to another OrgUnit do not work
Components: [API] Tracker, [App] Tracker capture

DHIS2-7533: Conflict in Enrollment or Incident date does not include "reference" field in server response
Components: [API] Tracker

DHIS2-6054: Can create events outside search scope
Components: [API] Tracker

DHIS2-7512: Authority names get munged in role editing screen
Components: [API] User

DHIS2-7554: System date setting and capture app
Components: [App] Capture

DHIS2-7534: Data entry app does not prompt user to load cached data
Components: [App] Data entry

DHIS2-6198: Users with authority to access the Data Quality app are denied acccess
Components: [App] Data quality

DHIS2-7446: User can see all OU hierarchy in new data visualizer
Components: [App] Data visualizer

DHIS2-7249: Interpretation panel in maps and visualizer no longer supports copy/paste of rich text formatting directly
Components: [App] Data visualizer, [App] Maps

DHIS2-4871: Cannot see values in event reports and visualizer if DE is type "Number"
Components: [App] Event reports, [App] Event visualizer

DHIS2-7614: Interpretations app is loading charts from old data visualiser
Components: [App] Interpretations

DHIS2-7301: Capture app - re-sorting event program data elements result in them disappearing
Components: [App] Maintenance

DHIS2-6643: Small mistake with date format
Components: [App] Settings

DHIS2-5926: Auto-logout due to inactivity not functional when Tracker Capture is open
Components: [App] Tracker capture

DHIS2-6125: Tracker Capture search with "Age" data type is unusable
Components: [App] Tracker capture

DHIS2-7575: Disable autocomplete in forms
Components: [App] Settings, [App] User

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