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Patch 2.32.1 Release Note


DHIS2-5866: All users with write/edit permissions should be able to delete dashboard items
Components: [API] Analytics

Users can now delete dashboards they have write permissions on, even if they do not own them.

DHIS2-6993: New temperature layer from Google Earth Engine
Components: [App] Maps

The Maps temperature layer has been updated to cover recent periods.


DHIS2-7006: Program Indicator variable V{ValueCount} causes NullPointer
Components: [API] Analytics

DHIS2-6827: Backend does not store default JobParameters when no JobParameters are provided in POST request to /jobConfigurations
Components: [API] Job scheduler

DHIS2-6992: Exporting Data - ZIP and GZIP options use no compression - [Backend]
Components: [API] Metadata import-export, [App] Import-export

DHIS2-7127: Predictors abort when encountering null datavalues
Components: [API] Other

DHIS2-7146: Fix predictions when present data is found and past is missing
Components: [API] Other

DHIS2-7192: 409 conflict for /events when relationship user cant access exists
Components: [API] Tracker

DHIS2-7193: 409 conflict for /relationships when relationship user cant access exists
Components: [API] Tracker

DHIS2-6293: 409 conflict on multiple endpoints when relationships is part of response
Components: [API] Tracker

DHIS2-6818: api/relationships?event={uid} endpoint for entity does not return bidirectional relationships where entity is to
Components: [API] Tracker

DHIS2-6769: Search for unique ID fails when 2 attributes are required to search
Components: [API] Tracker

DHIS2-6924: 500 error when trying to delete RelationshipType
Components: [API] Tracker

DHIS2-6725: Users not able to access TEI enrolled at other OrgUnits
Components: [API] Tracker

DHIS2-6289: Event listing API fails if order by completedBy, storedBy or dueDate is specified
Components: [API] Tracker

DHIS2-6250: Remove "Apply" button in Manage sharing screen when writing new interpretation
Components: [App] Analytics, [App] Dashboard, [App] Data visualizer, [App] Maps

DHIS2-6863: Gracefully handle missing trackedEntityAttributes
Components: [App] Capture

DHIS2-6928: TET FeatureType field does not show in Profile when creating new TEI in Capture Relationship component
Components: [App] Capture

DHIS2-6925: Some enrollment options are not taken into account
Components: [App] Capture

DHIS2-6631: Filter chip positioning on scroll
Components: [App] Dashboard

DHIS2-7125: Wrong links to the documentation ("Open user guide")
Components: [App] Data administration, [App] Maintenance, [App] Reports, Documentation, Frontend

DHIS2-6551: Data admin app loads online external fonts
Components: [App] Data administration

DHIS2-6940: Org unit not in alphabetical order when short name is displayed
Components: [App] Data entry, [App] Event capture

DHIS2-6101: Event Capture crashes complete server when loading a lot of Category Options
Components: [App] Capture, [App] Event capture

DHIS2-6552: Can't update existing event via Import Export module
Components: [App] Import-export

DHIS2-4161: Attributes for tracked entity types appear on Attributes section of Design program on Maintenance
Components: [App] Maintenance

DHIS2-5277: On the create/edit Program Stage screen, the button is labelled 'Save' when in fact data is not yet saved - could this be corrected to show 'Add stage' or 'Update stage' as appropriate?
Components: [App] Maintenance

DHIS2-6328: GIS Labels sizes do not work in Maps app (2.29)
Components: [App] Maps

DHIS2-7041: Event styling by option set is not working
Components: [App] Maps

DHIS2-4726: Expand the width of the filter drop down menu of new Maps app
Components: [App] Maps

DHIS2-7198: Failure to assign user to the message
Components: [App] Messaging

DHIS2-4151: Cannot scroll options menu, shifts app window if too tall
Components: [App] Pivot table

DHIS2-6860: Switching to appearance section after changing a value renders app broken
Components: [App] Settings

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